#Portafolio Nina Garner: the beauty in nature and people

Nina’s work encompasses various techniques and materials to create compositions that glorify moments in time, the beauty in nature and people. Using film photography and found objects, both synthetic and natural, Nina’s work transports the viewer to another time and place by bonding the everyday and the exotic. She explores such concepts as time and memory as well as the act of remembrance by photographing the landscapes and people of her past and present in hopes of better understanding herself, her family and the places she calls home.


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I have long been inspired by 19th century portrait photography, specifically the decorated photographs that served as mementos of loved ones, both living and dead. I try to create work that encompasses some of the same concepts as those mementos by turning a flat, one-dimensional photograph into a three-dimensional piece that will preserve my subjects forever, never to be forgotten. Over the years, my work has evolved to not only achieve this, but it has expanded to preserve moments in time, and memories both real and imagined. To do this, I begin my process with a very tedious and very delicate method of layering various materials over my own black and white photographs. Some of the materials I use include fabric, lace, ribbon, paper, insects, dried flowers, leaves, and other natural and found elements. I aim to create work that encompasses the essence of my subjects while giving the viewer a glimpse into my life and, ultimately, how I perceive the world.