#Artistprofile LILIANE TOMASKO

Tracy Bowden

Liliane Tomasko’s abstract paintings are “Inscapes” of everyday life – the terrain of an unmade bed, the columns of closed curtains, or the vagarious composition of scattered cushions; quotidian elements we rarely contemplate but make up the fabric of our realities.

Tomasko photographs her domestic environment, often waiting for the right light to capture fleeting moments and their details. At times, she “sculpts” her subjects (towels and sheets) to reveal their particularities.

Her work has antecedents in the Post-Impressionists, Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard, but in its swooping lines and muscularity they hue closer to Willem de Kooning and Joan Mitchell. Lambent washes of brilliant colors take the center stage in her paintings. Shadows in the actual images may be replaced with veils of muted colors, leaving enough to reveal inner light from previous under-paintings.

The serial nature of her work is important, because life is repetitive. Giving attention to the daily rituals such as making a bed, folding or tidying stuff, Tomasko invites us to engage with and to look squarely at small gestures that make us human. In his seminal book, Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard posits that “memories of the outside world will never have the same tonality as those of home.” Indeed, Tomasko’s compositions are inexplicably imbued with a latent sense of human presence and memories. With an abstract voice that is entirely her own, Tomasko’s paintings are in the end emotional and personal evocations, both beautiful and bold.

Liliane Tomasko was born in Zurich in 1967, and now lives and works in New York and Germany. After her degree in sculpture at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London she completed an MA in sculpture at the Royal Academy School.

MS_TomaskoLiliane_Twilight_2016_63x63in MS_TomaskoLiliane_Siren_2016_68x62in MS_TomaskoLiliane_Nothings_Held_Up_By_No_Thing_2016_82x76in MS_TomaskoLiliane_10.15.2016_2016_24x18in MS_TomaskoLiliane_16.11.2016_2016_24x18in

All artwork images: Courtesy of the artist and Marc Straus Gallery

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